Hong Kong-Shenzhen Extravaganza

Hotel accommodations, airfare, transfers, Ride-All-You-Can ticket to Disneyland OR Ocean Park, and more!

Price: 9999

Original Price: 24000

Per person rate for 3D/2N HK- Shenzhen trip with 2D/1N stay at Silka Fareast with breakfast and 2D/1N at Shan Shui Hotel with breakfast, round trip transfers to Clark Airport, round trip airfare, Ride-All-You-Can Ticket, HK and Shenzhen City Tour, all lan

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Make it hip and happenin’ in Hong Kong and Shenzhen! Explore the wondrous and bustling sights of these vibrant cities with accommodations at their most accessible and traveler-friendly hotels plus scenic City Tours that will certainly make your getaway a notch more memorable and wondrous!

Round trip airfare and even airport transfers to Clark Airport are included for a stress-free trip. All the transfers you’ll need for this trip are included so you don’t need to worry about where you’ll get your ride.

Speaking of ride, both packages have a Ride-All-You-Can ticket at Disneyland OR Ocean Park. At Disneyland, you can see fairy tales come alive by exploring the different places like Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land, and more to enjoy rides and have tons of photos taken. At Ocean Park, you can hop on rides like the The Flash, Rev Booster, Sea Life Carousel, and more for a day of fun and laughter.

Hotel Accomodation

Enjoy your holiday in these gorgeous hotels - the Silka Far East Hotel or similar in Hong Kong, and Shan Shui Hotel or similar in Shenzhen City. Both are located near shopping centers and train stations so you’ll get to your destinations within mere minutes. You can expect a delightful stay in any of these hotels with their tasteful design and complete amenities. Their Standard Rooms are complete with cozy, modern amenities, such as soft, comfy beds, air-con, TV, private bathroom, and more. You and your companion will also wake up to yummy daily breakfast before heading out of the hotel.


Itinerary for 3D/2N package:
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Itinerary for 4D/3N package:
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Leisure Activity

Apart from its major tourist attractions, commercial centers and shopping complexes also abound in Hong Kong to satisfy your shopping needs, are spots such as IFC Mall, City Plaza, Elements, City Gate Plaza, and the New Town Plaza. Have a walk-through of some of their street markets, such as Stanley Market or Ladies Market, where you will find a vast selection of electronics, clothes, and bags. Finally, have a tummy-filling trip and sample delectable dim sum, congee, noodles and more!

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