2D/1N Lucky 5 Garden House, Puerto Galera

2D/1N accommodation at Lucky 5 Garden House, Puerto Galera, round trip hotel transfers, and more!

Price: 1400

Original Price: 2500

Good for 2 persons, 2D/1N accommodations at Lucky 5 Garden House, Puerto Galera, breakfast, and round trip shuttle service from Muelle Sabang Pier to the resort

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Frolic along the famous white beach of Puerto Galera for a much-deserved breather from work or school stress. Enjoy the sand, the sun, and the clear water during this 2D/1N stay with your friends and family. Relax with Lucky 5 Garden House’s homey accommodations and have a nice bonding experience. Go out for a stroll along the White Beach Strip and discover nearby restaurants and bars.

Round trip transfers from Muelle-Sabang-Pier Puerto Galera to the resort are included so getting there is a breeze.

Hotel Accomodation

Hop on and head to Puerto Galera! Feel the cooling sea breeze as you step off at Lucky 5 Garden House. It’s only 5 minutes away from the beach so you’re only a few steps away from Puerto Galera’s lovely white shore and clear waters. Walking around the hotel, you’ll be surrounded with a serene ambiance brought about by the lush mountainside and various plants about the place. Your room has the following amenities for your convenience:


Leisure Activity

On your leisure time and personal account, try some water activities you’ve never tried before. Puerto Galera is a great place to see marine life up close and it has diving sites suitable spots for novices, advanced, and experienced divers. You can also try Jet Skiing or Off-Road Biking on rough trails in the countryside. You can also visit The Cross at Muelle, the Hanging Bridge, the Municipal and Excavation Museums, and the Tamaraw Falls. You’ll find out that there’s more to Puerto Galera by taking this jam-packed trip.

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