Starcove Resort, Batangas

Enjoy a Day Tour or 2D/1N stay at Starcove Resort, Batangas with breakfast and snacks!

Price: 499

Original Price: 1200

Good for 1 person for Day Tour package at Starcove Resort, Batangas! Inclusive of use of pool and other facilities, afternoon snacks, entrance fee, and stay in a Beachside Gazebo!

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Want to get away from it all even just for a day? Then a quick trip to Starcove Resort in Batangas may prove to be just the cure for your city stress and anxiety as it is just a few hours from Manila. It’s situated right at the edge of Balayan Bay so you can enjoy swimming in the open sea or just chilling out at the beach.

You can choose the Day Tour package for a one-day getaway or take your time to relax and reenergize with the 2D/1N stay complete with breakfast and snacks.

Hotel Accomodation

Tune into nature and feel totally relaxed with the Spanish-inspired architecture of Starcove Resort. The lobby has a wide area and beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling to welcome you upon arrival. The buildings are mostly in white with polished wooden frames for that elegant yet homey feel. Their Veranda type Rooms have the same ambiance and are furnished with the following:


Take advantage of the FREE use of these resort facilities for additional activities you can enjoy while inside the grounds


The Beachside Gazebo provides a cozy area for you to stay at during the daytime because it has seats and a table which you can enjoy meals at or just for chatting with your friends and family. You can freely swim whenever you like and go back for a quick bite or a nap.


Leisure Activity

Balayan is a historic town of Batangas and has various colonial-era buildings you can visit during your leisure time and on personal account. Here you can find the beautiful Church of the Immaculate Conception which was completed in 1759 and a bell tower at the side. The Sixto Lopez Ancestral House was the home of Don Sixto Lopez and has maintained its Spanish architecture with the wide windows and stone first floor. 

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