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Be bikini-ready with Body Tune Spa's Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening Treatment!

Price: 120

Original Price: 260

Be bikini-ready with Body Tune Spa's Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening Treatment!

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One (1) session of Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening at Body Tune.

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Get ready to bask in the sun, appreciate the glorious sights of nature, and let the warm, soothing breeze caress your hair! Bikini-shy? Well then, it’s time to say goodbye to dark underarms and dark bikini lines with these beach-ready CashCashPinoy deals—

Only P120 instead of P260 for one (1) session of Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening at Body Tune!

Only P450 instead of P1,300 for five (5) sessions of Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening at Body Tune!

Flaunt you bikini-ready bod for 65% OFF!

Bare it all! Get rid of dark underarms or bikini line with Body Tune's Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening Treatment. This intensive exfoliation and whitening treatment rips off dead, rough skin cells to reveal a younger, whiter, healthier, new skin. Never be shy wearing those shorts, skirts, bikinis, or even nothing for you are sure that your skin is at its whitest, evenly colored glory!

Busy girls on the go will definitely appreciate this deal, as the Underarm or Bikini Line Whitening procedure only lasts an hour. Once you’ve chosen which area you want to whiten and lighten, warm water will be used to cleanse that area. Then, a bleaching mask is applied and left on for 45 minutes to whiten and peel off the dark skin, which is normally composed of dead skin cells. Once the time is up, honey is then applied. Honey, aside from being a natural cleanser that exfoliates the skin, is also great for moisturizing. Body Tune’s trained experts will smooth on this natural, organic beauty booster and leave it on for 15 minutes — after which, your skin will feel soft and smooth, look fairer, whiter, and smell great!

Body Tune is one of the first mall based massage salons in the country. Aside from the different types of massage that they offer, they also have something in store for your body, face and skin. Strategically located in the busiest malls all over the Philippines, Body Tune Spa’s services will definitely soothe youafter aday of shopping, or working.

Let dark underarms and dark bikini lines become a thing of the past with this gorgeous CashCashPinoy deal!

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