2D/1N at Villa Fernandez

2D/1N stay at Villa Fernandez, breakfast, round trip shuttle service, good for 2 to 12 persons!

Price: 1399

Original Price: 2500

Good for 2, Standard Room 2D/1N accommodations at Villa Fernandez with breakfast for 2 and round trip shuttle service!

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Live the good life at the beach by booking a room at Villa Fernandez Resort in Puerto Galera. It's only 3 to 4 hours away from Manila by bus and boat ride making it an easy getaway for weary urbanites. The area has a lot of attractions to offer for the curious traveler from beachside activities, trekking to waterfalls, and local cultural events.

Get any of these packages and enjoy stress-free transportation since round trip shuttle service from Muelle-Sabang Pier Puerto Galera to the resort is included in this package.

Hotel Accomodation

When you want to get away from it all without going too far, Puerto Galera is top-of-mind for overworked urbanites. Upon arrival at the resort, you can breathe in the fresh sea breeze from the hotel because it’s right at the waterfront so you can enjoy unobstructed views of the sea. All their rooms are cozy and clean and equipped with:

In the morning, you can gaze from the veranda and watch as the sun rises in its golden glory amidst a picturesque background of blue sky. After this natural color play in the sky, you can revel in the deal’s inclusive breakfast together with your companions.


Leisure Activity

During your leisure time and on personal account, you can try scuba diving or snorkeling where you can interact with colorful marine life deep beneath the water's surface. There are many scuba operators in the area that cater to first time as well as licensed divers. You can also try your trigger happy fingers at playing paintball in the jungle. Feel like an army solider in combat when you shoot at the opposing forces that lurk behind the trees. It's a different kind of activity after you've had your fill of the sun and surf.

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