Zoobic Safari Adventure for 4

Entrance tickets to Zoobic Safari, Zoodle Fight lunch, and Tram Ride all good for 4 persons!

Price: 1999

Original Price: 3116

Zoobic Safari Adventure for 4! Includes Entrance tickets to Zoobic Safari, Zoodle Fight, and Tram Ride all good for 4 persons.

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Take the whole family for an exciting trip out-of-town with this thrilling CashCashPinoy adventure – Only P1,999 instead of P3,116 for the Zoobic Safari Adventure for 4! Includes Entrance ticketsto Zoobic Safari, Zoodle Fight, and Tram Ride all good for 4 persons.

Go over to the wild side with a day trip to Zoobic Safari located in the heart of the Ilanin Forest in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The safari is approximately just 2 hours away from Metro Manila passing through NLEx and SCTEx. Once there, you and your family will take the Tram Ride going to and around the safari to start the adventure.

Kids and kids at heart will just love going on this animal adventure. Since you can buy as many vouchers as you want, you can take not just your family but your friends, cousins, and more. Lunch is included in this deal with the Zoodle Fight. Dine ala boodle fight with different roasted meats, seafood, and rice all laden on banana leaves.

Meet the big cats of the forest in the Tiger Safari. Guests will be sitting in acaged jeepney that will travel through an enclosed area where tigers freely roam. You will see these fierce felines in their natural habitat - playing around, eating, or just wandering about. You’ll feel as if you’re on a safari tour in Africa. The vehicle is enforced for your protection and the tour guides will make sure that everyone is safe.

Move on to Croco Loco where you can observe vicious crocodiles from a distance. You can even purchase dressed chickens at the site and feed those to the crocodiles. You’ll see them leaping up from the water and baring their rows of teeth to devour chickens in just one bite.

You can see other endemic and farm animals when you go around the safari. In Close Encounter, guests can walk through a path with tiger cages on both sides. The Savannah section will let you see ostriches roaming free while the Animal Muzoolum houses various animal fossils in old bunkers.

All Saturday from March 23 - May 26, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm onwards

Witness local dances and rituals performed by Aetas in the Aeta’s Trail.

Take the family on a trip they won’t soon forget only at Zoobic Safari! 

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