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60% Off! Only P950 to choose among 3 Rejuvenating Authentic Indian Massages at Arogya Ayurvedic Center!!

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  • Valid from Mar 7 to June 30, 2011.
  • Call for reservations.
  • Not valid with other offers.
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  • Discover new massage methods directly imported from India.
  • Choose among 3 amazing treatments.
  • All massages are full body massages that require 2 (two) therapists to perform.
  • Upscale and Luxury atmosphere.

If the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” is any indication, it looks like our interest in India goes beyond yoga or Aishwarya Rai will get even deeper. Today you get to try one of the most amazing gifts of Indian Culture with this unique CashCashPinoy deal : only P950 to choose among 3 Rejuvenating Authentic Indian Massages at Luxury Arogya Ayurvedic Center!! The perfect way to discover the real Ayurveda procedure, here in the Philippines.



Now what exactly is Ayurveda? It means “Science of Life” and is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (science or knowledge). It aims to provide balance between the tridoshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) to bring about bodily benefits like disease prevention and reversed aging. All massages in this offer employ this philosophy and are full body massages performed by 2 (two) therapists working in sync. Here's the details for each of this traditional treatment :



  •  Abhyanga: Uses a large quantity of specifically herbal infused sesame oil for balancing doshas. It improves physical constancy, helps to liquefy toxins, induce relaxation, normalize blood pressure, and eliminate impurities.
  •  Marma: Uses specific strokes that stimulate marma or energy points and increase the flow of vital energy in the body. It also stimulates the immune system and increases the resistance of the body to diseases.
  •  Kalari: Comes from the martial art of South India and is designed specifically for men. Good for people doing lots of sports and as a follow up to heavy exercises.



Here's another facet of the magic that India has to offer and the perfect opportunity to discover it in the upscale and luxury atmosphere of the Arogya Ayurvedic Center. 

I strongly suggest you try AROGYA out! It is really one of those other worldly type of experience that you just cant wait to try again!
- / Rajo Laurel Blog
Arogya is a wellness center. If you need to relax, you can go to a spa, but if you need to balance your body and mind, you’d better visit Arogya.
- The Philippine Star
More than stress relief or quick fix, Arogya Ayurveda Center will open your mind—and your energy channels to result in a more balanced lifestyle.
- The Inquirer Lifestyle
Unlike typical spas offering ayurvedic treatments, Arogya focuses on health rather than relaxation (although de-stressing is a benefit), and so it uses only the highest quality medicinal-grade oils and herbs.

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