We're a band of guys who decided to use Internet and Social media in Philippines to connect consumers to cool stuff!

Now, with CashCashPinoy, you can :

1. Try new things without breaking the bank
Support the best local businesses
Hang out with your friends, guilt free

Yep! CashCashPinoy, it's simple like that! Simple, like our philosophy; we just have a few key points :
    – If we love it, we propose it! If not, no way.
The great price is only half the battle. The service, or the merchant must be great!

Everybody needs to catch the CashCashPinoy fever!
We want you to trust our gut! You don't know the restaurant? Trust us. Never heard about this Spa? If we chose it, no worries! We discover them for you, and now, it's your turn!

In a nutshell, who's CashCashPinoy?
People of course, but most of all, some of the most innovative filipino companies, connected with entertainment, lifestyle products, Social media and Internet:

Founded by an experienced team of digital entrepreneurs, MoonLine invents some of web's popular products using social platforms power in Philippines.

Enjoy is the Philippines' premiere loyalty and privilege marketing program, offering over Php 250,000 worth of 2-for1-deals, value-added VIP services and product offerings, and 10 to 50% everyday discounts at over 700 of the top dining, nightlife, shopping, and activity venues in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay

With 140 permanent employees, NetBooster Asia is the biggest Digital Agency in Philippines. By combining creative strategy with cutting edge technology, NetBooster Asia is now the key partner of some of the most digital advanced brands in Philippines.

CashCashPinoy information :
CCP is a service managed by MoonLine Corp. and Super Lucky Happy Potato Corp.
Unit 2101 Antel 2000
121 valero Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City – Philippines

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