Cam-like USB Flash Drive! Fun gadget for photoholics!

Only P650 for a fun camera 4GB USB Flash drive! Available for 2 of the leading DSLR brands: Canon and Nikon!

Deal ends in: 24h 04m 51s
  • Camera-style flash disks make storing, carrying sharing digital photos more interesting.
  • Meticulously detailed and emulated DSLR design looks like the real thing.
  • Available for 2 of the leading DSLR brands: Canon and Nikon.
  • A fun gift for your photoholic loved ones.
  • Choose between pick-up or charge delivery.
  • Get as many vouchers as you want.

Cam one! Cam all! We can have more PUN with cameras, but we think you’d rather have more FUN instead, so here goes this new CashCashPinoy offer: 4GB Camera Flash Disk from Widget City for only P650! That’s all the memory you need to stored, share and transfer your favorite photos in a neat little package that really speaks volume of your love for photography.

How can you possibly go wrong with that?

You can take your mini-DSLR looking flash disk and just let it bounce off your pocket, zipper, key chain or whatever and let people know how much of a photography enthusiast you really are! Then come show time, you can reveal your dirty little secret: this humble trinket of your photographer life is actually much more functional than initially perceived! Pull off the lens and voila! It’s a flash drive!

That’s sure to attract attention, a few (though probably exaggerated) gasps from some corners, but all in all – this cute whatsit would make for a very nice conversation piece. Should your friends want to get one on their own, let them know that there are designs for each of the familiar camera models: Canon and Nikon.

So cam on! What are you doing still gawking in there? Go ahead and get your own camera flash disk from CashCashPinoy right now!
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  • Redemption period from June 25 – September 30, 2011.
  • Delivery option charge depending on location (payment direct to courier service).
  • Not valid with other promos.
  • See universal fine print.

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