Discover the real taste of an authentic Filipino Coffee!

Only P300 for 2 packs of 250gms of authentic Philippine Red Cherry Blend Coffee from the Philippine Coffee Board!

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  • Try a tasteful blend, made of three kinds of Filipino bean varieties.
  • An amazing flavor profile, balanced and consistent.
  • Coffee berries are picked at the height of ripeness.
  • Proceeds of the Red Cherry Blend will go to various small farms and communities in the Cordilleras.
  • Get as many vouchers as you want.

Good morning star shine! We guess that you love coffee as much as we do! That’s why CashCashPinoy is bringing you a deal worth waking up for! Only P300 for 2 packs of 250gms of authentic Philippine Red Cherry Blend Coffee from the Philippine Coffee Board! That’s a caffeinated 40% off on high quality local coffee. It is a blend of three kinds of bean varieties.

Making coffee is an art and it all starts with the coffee fruit. The Philippine Coffee Board launched “Pick Red” campaign which advocates farmers to pick coffee cherries only when they turn red, thus the name Red Cherry Blend. This color indicates that the fruit is at the apex of ripeness, the flavor has developed to its full potential.

The cherries are hand picked to ensure that green (unripe) berries stay on the branch while red (ripe) berries are harvested. The Philippine Coffee Board aims to elevate local farmers’ knowledge to sustain quality. We, as consumers, will enjoy better cups of coffee because educated farmers lead to better produce.

The product of meticulous picking is a flavor profile that is balanced and consistent. Just the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the kitchen will gently nudge you to get up from bed. A cup of Red Cherry Blend is hand picked, can you say the same for that 3 in 1?

The “Red Cherry” label is a mark of quality assured by the Philippine Coffee Board. Remember to look for it on your next purchase and for the moment, enjoy your CashCashPinoy deal!
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