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72% Off! Only P450 for Hair Spa Treatment (any length) and Haircut plus Back Massage from Salon de San Lorenzo!

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Fine Prints

  • Valid from Jan 17, 2011 to April 17, 2011.
  • Not valid with any other on-going promotion.
  • Call for appointment.


  • De-stress your hair and leave it silky smooth
  • Deal includes haircut and soothing back massage
  • Experienced and professional staffers to handle your needs

So let’s get to the root of your current hair dilemma. You want smooth, silky manageable hair but balk at the price of those expensive hair spa treatments? Well, then, say no more because CashCashPinoy is here to soothe your woes. Just for today, you can get a hair spa treatment with haircut plus a back massage at Salon de San Lorenzo for only P450! That’s unbeatable P1650 worth of services just for you!


Now perhaps you find yourself asking ‘What do I need a hair spa for’? First, ask yourself why your hair is not as bouncy or shiny as you’d like them to be. Why isn’t your shampoo and conditioner making them as beautiful as their ads make them out? That’s because your hair is constantly stressed from so many harmful things like the smoke, dust, the sun, a bit of rain, and even your trusty hair products!



Where do you go if you’re stressed and want to refresh? The spa! That’s right – the whole purpose of a spa is to de-stress your hair from all the daily punishments you put it through! No, it doesn’t involve massaging every strand. Your hair will just go through some gentle but thorough cleansing, and conditioning to rid your tresses of the remains of stressful days.




Of course, aside from all the stress your hair has been going through, we're pretty sure that your body has been experiencing its share of stress. Salon de San Lorenzo has surely anticipated this and had included a free back massage to go with that stress-relieving hair makeover! That's all-around pampering we're talkin' about right here, courtesy of CashCashPinoy, so avail now!

Salon de San Lorenzo is new but I can see it being the go-to place for really top-notch and gorgeous hair services! Kudos!
– Mitzi Kapitan, Blogger
Let’s get things straight: I’m obsessed with my hair. Thankfully there are some places that is just as careful about it as I am. Salon De San Lorenzo is one of them.
– Jamie Bautista, Events Manager
I like the light feeling after a hair spa. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me!
– Angel Garcia, Lounge Singer

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