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Only P299 for 4 hours of Relaxation and Hydrotherapy at Ace Water Spa!!

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Fine Prints

  • Valid from Jan. 31 to April 15, 2011.
  • Offer not valid Feb. 16 & 25 and April 9, 2011.
  • Customers must wear fitted swimwear
  • Not valid with other offers.
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.


  • Plunge into the magic of Hydrotherapy Massage.
  • All Weather Indoor Facility.
  • First and only one of its kind here in the Philippines.
  • Various treatment and exclusive massages to choose from.
  • Perfect for kids and adults.


It is the source of all life on the planet.

Our friends at Ace Water Spa knew this when they began to offer their one-of-a-kind Hydrotherapy massage Center.


Now, because of today's amazing CashCashPinoy offer, you get to experience 4 hours of Relaxation and Hydrotherapy massage at Ace Water Spa for only P299!! That includes use of ANY of Ace Water Spa's various relaxing facilities! Plunge into the magic of Ace Water Spa, the Philippine’s First European Spa Concept, as you take a tour and be amazed of the different spectacles this place can offer to you and your family or your friends!


As the name implies, Hydrotherapy massage does away with the traditional masseuse. Rather, it uses an “Ultrasonic Jet System” to target specific areas of the body giving it soft, moderate and hard massages, and is best done in heated water. Once you step into the spa, everything will be self-serviced, starting with what massage you'd like to try first. For example, you can start off with some soft massages like the following:


   1. Bubble Bed
   2. Bubble Pool
   3. Bubble Massage
   4. Hydro-Acupuncture Bed



Then move on to some moderate massages:


   1. Rainfall Acupuncture
   2. Eight Nozzle Shower
   3. Hydro-Buoyancy Massage
   4. Buttocks Massage
   5. Jet Chair
   6. Jet Chair with Foot Massage



If you have enough time left, try the hard massages:

   1. Head & Shoulder Massage
   2. Water Falls
   3. Multi-point Massage
   4. Chest Jet Massage
   5. Waist Jet Massage
   6. Upper Body Jet Massage
   7. High Pressure Massage



Our friends from Ace Water Spa would also like to remind those who avail to please wear fitted swimming attire to get the maximum effect of your massage! Women must wear single or two-piece swimming attire while men should wear fitted trunks or Speedos! NO T-shirts, board shorts, improvised swimwear will be allowed.


We don't have space to explain each massage but you can definitely try them all! And if 4 hours are not enough, just go back : you can horde as many vouchers as you want! So go ahead and splurge! You won't get a more fantastic deal than here at CashCashPinoy!

A Great Experience for the whole family!
- Maggie Tan (30), Entrepreneur
The Hot Pools were amazing, and a must try for everyone visiting!
- Robert Ching (54), Bank Manager
I wanted to go somewhere out of town last Holy Week (like Pansol), but laziness at making the long drive got the better of me. Until my kids said 'Ace Water Spa!' They really enjoyed their first time there and wanted to go back.
I have been going to Ace Water Spa since 2005, and it’s still the place I love going back to when I want a massage. What’s not to love? It’s just a short taxi ride away in Quezon City, and it’s basically just one big swimming pool.
It took us 2 hours to fully enjoy the place and the crowd is mostly family with children playing in the big jacuzzi and occasionally some tourists. We actually felt like a child again and I spend my time playing with my brother. Except for the aching body after that enjoyable hydrotherapy, I would definitely go back.
Overall, the place is good for family or barkada bonding. it is also nice to relax there but I recommend that guests should go there early morning or during weekdays because it is becoming popular and a lot of people already go there. We will surely go back there another time.

Ace Water Spa

Operating Hours: 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. 

Customer Care Hotline: 482-7040

Store Locations: