Keep Your Teeth Healthy at Le Clinique!

Get strong, plaque-free teeth! Only P990 for a Painless Complete Dental
Flouridization Treatment at Le Clinique in Fort Bonifacio!! That’s a
Healthy 55% OFF!!

Deal ends in:

  • Flouridization helps prevent tooth decay and plaque.
  • Painless and non-invasive dental treatments and services.
  • Child-friendly atmosphere to help kids relax in a dentist’s chair
  • Experienced dentists with professional cleaning, scaling and buffing treatments.
  • Includes FREE kit for toddlers: toothbrush, flouride toothpaste and coloring book.
  • Includes FREE flouride chewing gum for adults/teen.
  • Perfect Location in Fort Bonifacio business district.

Nothing brightens up the day quite like a flash of toothy whities. Of course, the perfect smile begins with clean, strong teeth. So today, CashCashPinoy is setting you off on the path to great teeth with Flouridization from Le Clinique Dental and Medical for only P990! At a 55% discount off the original price, that’s really something to smile about!

Toddlers also get a toothbrush, coloring book, and flouride toothpaste to help them learn how to brush! Everyone else gets a pouch of chewing gum with flouride. All for FREE!

This treatment is actually a good investment for everyone, young and old alike, to have healthy teeth and gums. Kids as early as 5 years old when their first permanent teeth start erupting are recommended to get started on flouridization and continue until they’re 20 to 25 years old when their wisdom teeth start erupting. The great thing is that Le Clinique is very child-friendly, so kids would feel more comfortable and less intimidated of the dentist.

There is just something about a wide grin and pearly teeth that sets you off in the right mood. So go get yourself and your kid flouridized with this exclusive CashCashPinoy deal now!


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