Photoholics Funky Thermal Lens Mug at 50% OFF!

Only P1,100 for a Canon lens-looking thermal mug! The perfect addition to a photographer’s collection!

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  • Creatively design lens-looking thermal mug is a perfect addition to a photographer’s collection.
  • Thermal mug is made of high-quality materials and is of superb craftsmanship.
  • Ideal gift for your photoholic loved ones.
  • Choose between pick-up or charge delivery.
  • Get as many vouchers as you want.

Ever been mugged? No, not the type where you’re forced to relinquish material possessions to an aggressor. Rather, the type where you see a friend drink off of a creatively designed mug and thought to yourself “Oh hey! Neat!” Yes? Well, then, if you’re a photography lover, you’re going to love this CashCashPinoy deal even more: P1,100 for a Canon Thermal Mugs from Widget City!

Now you can repay your being “mugged” in kind with an even more creative mug that speaks highly of your passion for photography! These crazy mugs are designed to look exactly like super expensive camera lenses. The details on these designs are so astounding and meticulous that they really simulate the look of real lenses down to the tee!

The best prank you can possibly pull off of this is make your “victim” see that you actually pulled it from your camera and then proceed to fill it with coffee or whatever drink you might have. Just picture all the gasps you’re bound to receive!

So go ahead! Proclaim your love of photography for all the world to see and get a laugh out of it too! Get “mugged” with this special CashCashPinoy deal now!
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  • Redemption period from June 25 – September 30, 2011.
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  • Not valid with other promos.
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