Guide to Placing Bets In Vietnam

While many parts of the world don’t have too many restrictions on betting, Vietnam isn’t quite as forward-thinking as other destinations. Because of this, it can be a good idea for anyone considering placing bets in Vietnam to learn more about what their options are. 

Here’s your guide to betting in this country; from the lottery, to how to legally and safely bet online.

First of all, what are your options?

While betting is more limited in Vietnam, you’ll still find that there are quite a few ways to gamble without getting into trouble. In general, the most common forms of legal betting here include:

  • The lottery
  • Horse race betting
  • Greyhound race betting 
  • Poker
  • Sports betting

The Vietnamese lottery

If you look a little closer into the lottery options here, you’ll find that you’re not that limited – and most individuals will agree that the national lottery is the most common. With some jackpots reaching up to VND 1.5 billion (and the fact that it’s a source of the national budget), there’s no doubt that it’s one of the better ones out there.

Another option of placing bets in Vietnam is the Vietlott, which offers even bigger prize jackpots than the national lottery, with the lowest being VND 12 billion. Better yet, if the main prize hasn’t been won in the previous announcement, it’ll be added to the next. So the prize has the chance to get bigger the longer that it goes unclaimed. While there is progressive Personal Income Tax for winners, the chance to win big is more appealing to most players. 

Sports betting

While another fairly new option, sports betting was legalised in 2019 to try and reduce the amount of cash that was going to international bookmakers online and keep some of the money within the country’s borders. Available to both locals and foreigners, there are a few pre-approved international football matches and other sports that can you can place bets on. 

What about placing bets in Vietnam online?

While still regulated, there are a few legitimate, reputable online betting sites in Vietnam that you can use. Typically, to find the best new betting sites Vietnam, you’ll need to look for one with a genuine certificate. Not only will this ensure that you’re not involving yourself in any illegal activity, but also reassure you that your data is secure.

Whether you’re in Vietnam or not, it’s always important to bet on a safe gambling site for your own security. If you don’t want to run any risks, take the time to learn more about how to safely gamble online.

Horse race betting in Vietnam

Horse racing competition

The very first horse racing organization in Vietnam was the Saigon Horse Racing Association, which was formed back in 1893. Outside of the Lunar New Year weekend, horse races are held every Saturday and Sunday in Vietnam – and with each race day having 9 races, there are plenty of opportunities to win. 

In Vietnam, there aren’t any off-track betting terminals, so if you want to have a flutter, you’re going to have to go to the racecourse and place your bets at the terminals there. The good news is that there is a lot of in-house CCTV systems and multiple TVs around the premises, displaying the race, betting odds and other info. 

You may be wondering if you can simply be placing bets in Vietnam online. While this is fairly uncommon, it can be possible if you find a legitimate betting site. Be wary though, as there are illegal bookmakers who’ll offer better odds. It may sound appealing, but it’s simply not worth the risk. Typically, if you’re planning on doing this kind of gambling in Vietnam, it can be a better idea to go to a nearby racing track and make a day of it.  

Thanks to the fact that the Asian Racing Federation now uses a betting system from Australia, there are multiple types of bets that you can choose from; ranging from Quartet to Win. This gives you a chance to try a number of different bets, which wouldn’t have been an option when other methods were previously being used.

Greyhound race betting

Another option for gamblers in Vietnam is greyhound racing. While this sport is generally criticized and there’s only one venue in the country for it (in Lam Son Stadium, Vung Tau), it’s still an exciting betting activity.

The racetrack hosts races every Friday and Saturday, with 8 dogs competing against each other. The stadiums can typically hold up to 5000 viewers, although bettors can watch from the sidelines on some of the monitors that are set around the venue. There are three types of bet that you can place, which are Win, Exacta and Trifecta. 

On the average betting day, there are 12 races and a short break for bettors to place last minute bets, as well as consider their odds of winning and assess the greyhounds’ performances so far. The minimum betting amount is fairly low and there’s no limit. Being able to bet as much as you want is certainly an appealing option, but always remember to gamble responsibly and only place what you can afford to lose. 

It’s worth noting that the Sports and Entertainment Services Joint Stock Company received a 25-year licence to operate greyhound racing and receive bets, which will expire in 2024. 

Poker clubs

First introduced to locals and foreigners alike in 2017, there are now a few different poker clubs in Vietnam for anyone to enjoy. With branches in different parts of the country, from Hanoi to Saigon, and many smaller clubs; you’ll find that it’s becoming even easier to enjoy a game of poker in Vietnam.

In addition, more serious players may want to check out some of the tournaments that are held in the bigger clubs and test their skill.  

Betting options for foreigners

If you’re not a resident of Vietnam and have a foreign passport, you’ll have more options of placing bets in Vietnam available to you. In fact, there are 8 casinos located around the country that are only open to foreigners, so be sure to do your research.

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