Sleep Better with your URATEX Memory Foam Pillow!

50% OFF! Catch some comfortable, restful sleep with the Senso Memory Foam Pillow by URATEX for only P1,199!

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  • URATEX, a leading and reputable brand when it comes to pillows, mattresses, and other bedtime accessories!
  • Enjoy a revolutionary soft pillow cushion cradles the contours of your head perfectly for utmost support and comfort.
  • Made of revolutionary MEMORY FOAM material originally invented for use of NASA astronauts.
  • Highly sanitized hypoallergenic material protects against allergen growth, recommended by the Philippine Orthopedic Association.
  • A great idea of gift for those who are looking for a better quality of sleep!

If you find that bouts of insomnia are the only fights that can’t knock you out, then maybe you should change your strategy. Now you can put your sleepyhead to rest with our brand new offer: only 1,199 for the URATEX Senso Memory Queen Pillow! At only 50% OFF, you can quit counting them sheep!

URATEX, as we all know, is reliable when it comes to making sure that we get comfortable, good night snoozes. Now, they have taken our comfort to the next level by bringing space age technology to our own little corner of space. That’s why this special pillow is stuffed with Memory Foam – the very same material that the geniuses at NASA used to reduce the pressure exerted on astronauts during take off. What you have here is a pillow that will cradle your head just, giving you a soothing and comfortable cushion that is neither too hard that you may as well be sleeping on a rock nor too soft that you may as well not have a pillow at all.

If it’s good enough for the men who flew over the moon, it has to be good enough for you, right? Let this send you on your own journey to dreamland. After all, it’s sanitized to protect against allergen growth, so you won’t have to worry about waking up with an allergy you didn’t have before! It’s also a great solution if you or sleep partner are suffering from excessive snoring!

Play nice with the sandman and make this Senso Memory Foam Pillow by URATEX yours now care of CashCashPinoy!


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  • Valid from September 27 until December 20, 2011
  • Available for Pick Up in 6 Uratex branches.
  • Not valid with other offers.
  • See universal fine print

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